We believe:

“Life Begins at Fitness”

As principal of the practice, Liz Millard, is a Sports Physiotherapist and Exercise Specialist with more than 20 years experience in fitness and rehabilitation. Drawing on this background and ongoing research, Liz has developed her own exercise program called Core-Fit, which is adapted to individual needs.



In Safe Hands

As we age, it is important to do the right type of exercise that will enhance a strong, healthy body and mind. It is essential to have someone who is suitably qualified to monitor problems and prescribe exercise that is going to be beneficial rather than detrimental to your condition. We work closely with doctors to gain the best results.

First step at Liz Millard’s Studio is a thorough physical assessment by a physiotherapist to establish your needs and develop a program tailored to achieve your personal goals. We aim to empower you to manage any injuries and health concerns so you can continue to do the things you enjoy such as sport, travel, and leading an active independent life.


What is Core-Fit?

Our exercise program Core-Fit helps strengthen posture, improve core stability, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, cardiovascular fitness and function.

It involves a combination of Pilates/core exercises, strength training and cardio-fitness and is designed, delivered and monitored by physiotherapists and exercise physiologists. It is tailored to suit your requirements, whether for elite sports or rehabilitation.

State-of-the art equipment provides a varied and enjoyable mix of exercise options, which can be adapted to each individual’s needs. Clients can work in small groups or privately in one-on-one sessions.

Your kind of place

Our studio offers a family-oriented, nurturing atmosphere in which people who may feel uncomfortable exercising in a mainstream health club environment, can feel at ease. The peaceful setting at Headland Park, Mosman gives access to free parking, fresh air and post-workout coffee, while close to the convenience of Mosman Junction.

Rebuild. Rebalance. Renew your body and health.