Our Team

We have a talented and specialised team of health and medical professionals to help you achieve your goals. We have post-graduate tertiary qualified staff to assist you with their years of experience and training.


Liz Millard – Sports Physiotherapist

M.Hlth Sc (Sports Physio), B.App.Sc (Phty), B.A. (Dance), M.A.P.A

Liz has been owner and principal Physiotherapist at Liz Millard Physio & Exercise Studio for 14 years and has more than 20 years experience in the health, fitness and medical industry. During this time she has developed her own philosophy – a unique and integrated approach to health and well being based on her sound understanding of anatomy and physiology. Combining her background in dance and choreography with physiotherapy and exercise, she has developed her program called Core-Fit for the prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases. It involves a combination of Pilates/core exercises, strength training and cardio-fitness. Her experience has been gained through consulting a variety of patients in the fitness and medical industry from post-operative patients and people with mobility impairments through to Olympic athletes, elite sports teams and professional dancers.

Katharine Millard – Exercise Physiologist

M.Hlth.Sc. (Ex & Sp.Sc), B.A (Dance), Dip.Ed

Katharine is an Exercise Physiologist with a Masters Degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Diploma of Education. She has an extensive background in Pilates, dance and physical education. She was one of the first in the Australian fitness industry to teach Pilates and has now developed her own Pilates training course. She also works in the fitness industry in some of Sydney’s leading gyms.